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Micromax x285

Micromax x285

Micromax x285 is a dual SIM phone for people who have a very rough handling towards phone. This phone is made to withstand most of the accidents that happen on daily basis. The phone is made for people who like loud music With its loudspeakers, you will get ultimate output and clarity. The phone is a tough one, built with handy features. The powerful speakers are made with paper box technology to give you that great sound. The phone has a very attractive price tag along with lot of features.

Micromax x285


The phone has a good 1100 mAh battery. You will have almost five hours of talk time and 168 hours of standby time. The phone lets you use two different GSM SIM at the same time in standby. It has an internal memory of 246 KB which is used to store texts and your contacts. The memory can further be expanded to 8 GB. The call quality is very good and loud. Sometimes you might face reception problems but it works fine mostly.


The phone is made for party people. It has an extra loud speaker which uses paper box technology to give unbeatable sound. The phone also has an average 1.3 megapixel camera on the back panel. The phone allows memory expansion up to 8 GB. You can also hide your text messages and contacts from other people by using the lock feature. You can enable a personalized password as protection. The built in torch on the top is handy addition to the phone too. The audio video player is great too. The phone comes with opera mini to use internet with ease.


The phone sports great looks with the glossy black body and colored rim on the sides (Green or Yellow). The phone comes in two color combinations Black/yellow and Black/green. There are no shortcut buttons on this phone hence; everything needs to be done manually. It has a torch on the top and a 3.5 mm jack on the left side of the phone. It has QVGA display which displays colors in 262k. The alphanumeric keypad is very easy to use despite of not being flat.


So all round the phone is a good performer. It lets you use two SIM at the same time. The music playback is great through the speakers. The LED torch on the top comes handy too. The camera quality is poor but you can’t expect much at that price. The battery is not that great but with good management you can get most out of it. The phone looks stylish, sleek and comes in two funky colors. With all this phone is priced around Rs. 2200.

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