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Micromax x395

Micromax x395

Micromax X395 is an entry-level mobile phone, packed with some mind-boggling features. To get off to a brilliant start, the handset supports dual-SIM facility. If that doesn’t overwhelms you, the device has got a distinct motion sensor that lets users to change their networks with just a shake of the handset. In addition, X395 includes a 3 way(axis) motion sensor that helps to switch various functions like turning on the silent mode while receiving calls and playing the next song in the sequence. Though the handset doesn’t packs up sophisticated features, it has been loaded with amazing features, which is quite worthy for its price. Uncover the story below to know the difference, with which this handset excels ahead of its competitors.

Micromax x395


One would feel connected for a long time as Micromax X395 delivers a laudable standby capacity of up to 144 hours with its Li-Ion battery. However, the device compromises on its talk period with an estimated time of about 3 hours, which merely convinces as it works on 2G network only. But, its dual-SIM compatibility consumes extra power. Browsing internet is effortless as far as basic surfing is preferred. Audio and video playback are quite convincing, but could not expect an elevated quality. Micromax X395’s primary camera could capture images on a convincing resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels, which is quite laudable for an entry-level mobile phone.


As mentioned earlier, Micromax X395 possesses a dual-SIM functionality that supports GSM network only. The handset sports a 2.4 inches TFT screen that could deliberately showcase 256K hues of vibrant colors. Polyphonic or MP3 ringtones can be set as the alert type, in addition to the standard vibration mode. Being an entry-level camera, sophisticated features like WLAN, GPS touch functionality, high speed processor, etc., aren’t considered on this handset. Still, X395 includes utilizable features like alphanumeric keypad, in-built browser, GPRS, EDGE and expandable memory.

The presence of WAP 2.0/ xHTML(Opera Mini) browser allows basic internet functions like e-mail, browsing and searches as well. On the multimedia side, Micromax X395 support the basic MP3, MIDI and WAV formats. Fortunately, this device includes a FM radio as well. However, lack of a standard 3.5 mm audio port precludes the users from using sophisticated headsets. To mention, this handset support music player and a video player as well. Inclusion of a basic 1.3 MP primary camera is quite convenient to capture moments, that could be relished on devices with smaller resolution. The camera’s capability to record motion images adds value to this device. Inclusion of T9 dictionary and an accelerometer minimize the typing and on-screen difficulties.

A standard, lightweight Li-Ion battery powers up this device. As the device works on 2G networks and bears a few power consuming features, this handset performs well as far as the battery is concerned. Propitiously, X395 can store 1000 contacts in its phone-book memory. Additional space for other features could be gained through its expandable memory slot, which convincingly supports micro-SD cards up to 8 GBs of space. On the other hand, basic call-features like speed-dialing, loudspeaker, conference call option, call divert and call timer are customary on this handset


Within a few months of its launch, Micromax X395 has received enormous positive feedback for its appealing design. The circular D-pad kind of navigation button attracts attention on the first glimpse. The alpha-numerical keypad falls below this area, while call-handling buttons are endorsed on the sides. Curvaceous corners define the handset’s user-friendly look. On the rear panel, its 1.3 MP primary camera sits in the center of the top quarter. For the fashion freaks out there, this handset seems extremely amiable because of its interchangeable back panels. To invigorate further, X395’s default package includes three different colored panels.


Micromax X395 is exceptionally good as an entry-level mobile phone. With expandable memory slot, the device doesn’t lacks in storage space. Basic audio, video and imaging experience could be highly enjoyed on this device; but, if you expect a high quality experience, probably this handset is not the best option. Overall, Micromax X395 is a good-looking, handy, less sophisticated and better performing device for the budget buyers.

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