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Messless Charger shuns the botch of wires

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Love anything wireless! I’ve been through a number of multiple charging stations and docks and I tend to ignore them mostly but this isn’t the case with the Messless Charger. The reason for this special treatment is the ability of this charger to shun wires and those plastic bricks alike. The wires normally tend to hound your surroundings especially when you forget to charge a number of gadgets and then try charging them all at once. This dock can power a number of phones and gadgets together thanks to a set of six interchangeable connectors. These connectors are good enough for Nokia and Sony Ericsson Gadgets along with the iPods. Priced at £69.95, these we will do you good especially outside Europe for they have already endorsed the common mini-USB charger as standard.
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Via: Pocket-Lint

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