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LG spirits up the ‘Ice Cream’ this summer

the ice cream phone image 1

I really find these cell phone designers weird at times for the things they take inspiration from. Maybe the girls disagree on this one but taking inspiration from ice creams for the phones colour scheme was a very bad idea. More so, for the fact that even the nomenclature has got the hang of it as they dub the new range LG-LH5000 as the same. Imagine being christened ‘The Ice Cream’ phone.

Other than that sad name, this upcoming 3G phone has features which aren’t all that bad. The available colours of course as you all must have guessed by now are Vanilla, Strawberry and Pistachio. There is a 2.2 Inch colour screen and 2 megapixel camera coupled with other features like email reception and video telephony. The speculation is that it would be priced between 400,000(KRW) and 500,000(KRW). Some restraint can be drawn from the fact that the designer is possibly some sweet Korean teenager, just dishing it out people, no offences!
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