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LG aims to develop mobile phones with touch sensitivity

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Soon you can feel and hear the broadcasting. South Korean tech giant, LG Electronics announced that the company is working on mobile products, which offer the sense of touch. This capability will allow users to feel broadcasts as well as hear and see them.

The company spokesperson, Song Keun-Young said,

We have developed new mobile phone technology which adds the sense of touch to the traditional modes of sight and hearing. If a bomb explodes in a active motion, light emitting diodes blink in tune with the audio-visual content, on display in three dimensions.

These mobile phones will support digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB), which provides clear video, high-quality audio and data through handheld devices or terminals in cars. The company is aiming to market the new generation of mobile phones, which are using the three-dimensional and sensing technology in next year.

Image Credit: VNU UK

Via: The Age

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