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Latest iLounge Concept with an Amazing battery life!

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The iLounge has left us wondering what great designs the future holds for Apple iPhone and though none of these concepts may ever see the daylight, there will be some features that will be used for the future designs. Today from the iLounge, we have an iPhone concept that promises 24 hours of talk time and this sure is a revelation for the future as the current models struggle with this issue. Designed by Demorrius Sims, the concept comes with a 9.6mm anodized aluminum case, 64GB of internal memory and a 960 by 640 screen resolution. Talk about the camera and it is a 4MP variant that uses the Apple logo as a shutter. The battery not only provides 24 hours of talk time, it even supports 14 hours of internet usage and 40 hours of audio playback.

Courtesy: Concept-Phones

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