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Is Nokia developing a touchscreen flip phone?

nokia touchscreen fip phone

Has Nokia taken gaming concept for its upcoming handheld device? The recent patent filed by Nokia invariable makes us to anticipate a handheld game console-type phone from the mobile giant where utmost focus is on flip-style and touchscreen. In simple words, the mobile device would look like a Nintendo DS game console.

The blueprint shows a clamshell model with the screen part free to rotate within the outer frame. It means the new design will bring top screen for visuals and another screen for touchscreen. The screen will be on display when closed and then it will flip when opened just like a clamshell phone. This specific design will protect the camera lens when you close the phone.

Since the phone is based flip-design, so there must be some additional features besides communications services. It includes internet access, web browser, organizer, calendar, and GPS receiver. Nokia has filed the patent last year. It will come up with the device sometime next year.

Via: Electronista

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