Is it Profitable to Hide Your Digital Identity via Virtual Number?

Hide Your Digital Identity via Virtual Number

There seem to be no means to get your personal records from the web, such as phone books or information about a property. However, you can do something to delete the information about yourself on your socials.

Data compromising threat

information-blockedSome services offer free software that allows you to find out who’s gathering information about you online. And after finding it out, you can block them from getting data from your computer. It is true that there’s nothing you can do about the data that’s already published on the web, nevertheless, this thing can be of help to you when it comes to preventing the continued surveillance and spread of info.

Software to remove data

If you intend to remove data, you can use the services of some online companies that will delete your personal data from data lakes of companies that gather personal information and sell it afterward.

Some of these services only delete data that was put on some sites, not the Internet as a whole.

But there are solutions that can help and delete much more. Frankly saying, there’s no button “Delete all my addresses.” But you can type the specific addresses you want to wipe out. These services then repeat such information cleaning from the sites after a while. So, there’s a wild guess that the websites get back the information pretty quickly.

Hiding your IP address

WiFiThere’s a couple of solutions on the web, so-called IP scramblers, when people log into them, only the program’s IP address can be seen, and not the of the user. You can block cookies completely. And it’s not hard to do. These solutions act as a sort of protection from identity theft when users are on public WiFi because the connection is encrypted.

As an alternative, you can create several identities and add confusing information about yourself so as to make life difficult for those who’d like to find your personal information. Get a couple of Facebook accounts, add your name to those accounts and several addresses. Then, revisit all the platforms where you left your personal details. Type there the addresses from your twin profiles.

Use virtual phone numbers instead of your personal phone number

When registering on any given website you don’t necessarily have to use your own phone number. Who needs it when you’ve got sms virtual number. OnlineSIM is the provider of such numbers. Navigate to your account and select the site you need to register at. Then, copy the number you see to the registration page.

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