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iPhone ‘was’ not a phone!

iphone came from safari pad

It seems the folks at Apple are really a different breed from the rest of us. It was only a couple of days back that I had reported about the strange behavior of the iPhone stopwatch, and now, yet another story about the iPhone is doing rounds. John Markoff of The New York Times has revealed a startling fact about the iPhone. As per his findings, the iPhone was not a phone in the initial stages of the concept! Am I confusing you? Well, I’m not that well-bred, so please pardon me. Maybe you will feel more relaxed if you read Markoff’s original statement, which goes like this,

Apple’s multitouch technology began life not as a cellphone, but as a notepad-sized skunkworks project internally dubbed Safari Pad, run by Tim Bucher, then Apple’s head of Macintosh hardware. To his credit, Mr. Jobs seized on the technology and morphed it into the iPhone.

So, where do we go from here? Well, you are free to choose your course, and as far as I’m concerned, I’m off to the internet jungle for some soul searching. But I promise to return soon with some more hilarious facts about Apple and iPhone. Till then, goodbye!

Via: IntoiPhone

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