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How to install adobe flash player on your cellphone

Adobe Flash player is very well versed software which is used for viewing animations and movies. This software is basically used when we require to watch something via internet online. Actually most of the time we may find that there are many websites in which, whenever we try to watch some movie clips and animations we require flash player else it will not work with your device. There are many websites like YouTube, ESPN and many more in which need our computer or device to be furnished with Adobe Flash Player. Actually adobe does not have a mobile flash application that can be used. So, in order to use this application we need to have a browser with Flash application integrated. Currently as far my knowledge Sky fire is only mobile browser that support Flash application.

Adobe has a flash player which is only provided with Android phones which can be used to view flash contents directly, but for Apple iPhone there is no such facility has been provided and for them we need Sky fire only mobile browser. And for both Android and iPhone we have different installation way and process.

Difficulty Level


Time required

5 minutes to 10 minutes to install the software


1. First of all the mobile operating system requirement can be Symbian because normally android phone comes with flash intergrated applications.

2. It can be supported in Cell phones like N-Series from Nokia.

3. You need to have internet connection in your cellphone to navigate Skyfire mobile browser and download the Skyfire mobile browser which support Flash Player.(If you are trying to use it in cellphone)

4. Your mobile should have enough memory to download the application.

Mainly it is provided for Symbian based phones.


1. To Install skyfire which is Flash Integrated mobile browser we need to navigate through skyfire.com, there we can get download link which is present at the center of the screen.

2. As soon as we will select download option the application will ask our permission to download, after allowing them it will take some time to download. After downloading is completed the application will ask to change some phone settings even.

3. After that ,open the location where your browser is saved and open it to use the URL which has flash requirement like YouTube and play some content in it.

4. After opening that URL you can enjoy the audio video and can rewind and forward as per your requirement and can enjoy other flash contents.

Frequently asked questions

1. How can you find Skyfire navigation link?

To navigate you need to first use the browser which is present in your cellphone ,using that you can access Google and can search in that or you can directly navigate to the skyfire.com

2. What if the flash player won’t work properly?

In that case you need to uninstall the application and have to download it again. But first try to check if it works after restarting your device again.

Quick tips

1. Before downloading via mobile check whether your mobile memory has enough space or not.

2.Try to find links in Google there you can get free links for the same.

Things to keep in mind

1.There may be chance that you can’t access other mobile browser present in your phone (which you may be using )after downloading the new one.

2. Do check out your mobile hardware and software portability for this browser software.

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