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HTC Droid DNA or HTC DLX plus: a godly hour for HTC

Gadgets are like an important part of our lives these days and there is one in hand of every person irrespective of the fact that he is a kid or a grown up. This clearly shows that people have become highly dependent on technology as it has the power to make tasks simpler and add a lot of fun element in life. Technology is developing at a very rapid pace these days and new and improved devices are making their way to the tech market. You will find not one but many known brands in the tech market that are busy making new and improved gadgets that could surpass their old ones.

Htc Render

HTC happens to be a much known name when it comes to high quality gadgets and people also consider it another name for reliability. HTC has been manufacturing wonderful gadgets for a long time now and is certainly among the favorite brands of people across the world. The products by HTC need no formal introduction as they are always packed with advanced features. According to some floating rumors HTC is about to unveil its new product in the market. HTC M7 is the name of the all new smart phone that is rumored to be launched shortly. HTC however has confirmed no such thing but there are rumors in the market about the same.

HTC M7 is considered as the sequel to the popular HTC Droid DNA and is expected to be even better than the last one. It will feature a 4.7 inch screen which will be the same as the previous one and the display too will remain the same. HTC M7 will be installed with a powerful operating system so that it can handle even the most complex applications. Style and looks will be its plus points and there will be many other interesting features to look out for.


The delay in the launch of HTC M7 is said to be due to shortage of some supplies. HTC M7 will truly take the legacy of HTC a bit higher and will impress the audience just like the other HTC products do. People who love technology are eagerly waiting for this product so that they can lay their hands on it. HTC has always lived up to its promises and the HTC M7 is expected to do the same.

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