How Your Cell Phone Can Boost Productivity


The business environment is becoming more demanding than ever; so, adopting the latest tech is the only way to stay on top of the game. Every business is struggling to do more for less and those that fail to get it right end up getting stressed and eventually closed.

So, what should you do as a busy entrepreneur in order to boost your business productivity? Tap into technologies that enable you to organize and prioritize your tasks so that you can accomplish more whether you are in your office or on the go.

Cell phone technology

Cell phone technology

One of the greatest tech breakthroughs that is being enjoyed the world over is cellular communication. This is a technology that has evolved greatly within a short period of time and given its wide applications in everyday living, it has become almost impossible to live without it.

Apart from making and receiving calls, cell phones can be used to store data, access the internet, take and send pictures, receive and send files, find GPS locations and other tasks that were only possible with a computer.

Unlike in the past, cell phones are now simple to use, have reliable signals, less bulky and cheap. Despite all these benefits, the cell phone tech is still not being utilized well especially by businesses looking to increase their productivity.

Increasing productivity using mobile applications

Mobile phones have now become mainstream business tools given that they are cheap, flexible and offer fast data connections. The use of mobile phones in increasing business productivity has been largely driven by mobile applications.

Today, there are mobile applications that simplify almost any business process and many more are being developed every day. There are many areas of your business operations that you can automate using mobile applications. With this, your business stands to gain in the following ways:

Project management

Project management

Slow business processes are the main reasons for low productivity in many businesses. How long do your business processes take from initiation of a sale to funding? Without employing any tech, the process of accepting applications, delivering quotes and allowing signatures may take an entire month.

This is a process that can take only 2 days if you employ cell phone tech. With the right applications, you can easily track invoices, timelines and reports as well as automate your salesforce so that they remain focused on the customer.

Human resource management

Any human resource manager gets stressed up when dealing with old methods of making spreadsheets and employee tracking. With a workforce that is constantly mobile and on-the-go, it can be very hard to do proper tracking especially when you are forced to micromanage them for accountability.

To avoid this, you need to use the available mobile applications that enable you to automate all your HR processes. Sometimes, you may still be using Excel simply because it is cheap and easy to use especially for small projects.

In this case, you need to ensure that you have the best templates at your disposal like the spreadsheets you can download from Clockspot which you can use for weekly, biweekly or monthly timesheet calculations.

Data management

Data management

You can use a mobile application to easily share or distribute data that is stored in the cloud to mobile users. This means that you can easily access and share any data using your mobile phone. Other areas of your business operations that you can make use of mobile applications include email management, note taking and to-do lists.

Running a business is now more demanding than ever and it is time to start streamlining your operations for more productivity. If you need to do more for less, think about what cell phone tech can do for you.

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