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Hand iPhone case takes weirdness to its next level

A lot of iPhone cases came and went without anyone noticing them. Every manufacturer wants to provide something unique and now it is tending to get weird every day. A lot of these designs are not even feasible but the game still goes on. You will probably freak out after having a look at the Hand iPhone case.

Hand iPhone Case

This case would probably remind you of “The Thing” from famous cartoon series “The Adams Family”. This case is the brainchild of a Japanese Retailer, Rakuten. This case is currently out of stock and can be bought for a price of $58 (not sure whether it’s available in India). This case is still a lot cheaper than other iPhone cases. Hand iPhone case is way too big and will never fit in anyone’s pocket. So, it is more of like a dock-case.

We tried and failed to think of possible advantages of this product. We can’t really think of a reason, why would anyone like this creepy and bulky iPhone case. How weird would it be when you see someone using this case in hands? You can imagine.

Via: MobileMag

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