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Google Inc. sees free mobile phones in near future

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Good news are pouring in like anything for the mobile users these days. While Motorola expected the mobile phones to cost less than $15 by 2008 and Texas Instruments looks for sub-$30 video phones by 2008, Google Inc‘s chief executive, Eric Schmidt predicts a future where mobile phones will be free to consumers who watch targeted forms of advertising.

Schmidt further told Reuters that mobile phones should be free while there should be increase in subsidies owing to raising advertising on cellular phones. While Google had no such prior plans to offer free cellphones to customer and it didn’t even had any idea of such plans by any partners such as Nokia, Motorola, or Vodaphone.

The company will draw expected $10 billion in revenue this year from selling text ads to computer users who use Google to search the Web. Eric Schmidt further added.

Mobile phones may never become totally free to the consumer. Newspapers are still not completely free a hundred years after they started relying on advertising, but they certainly are inexpensive

Via: CNN

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