Get Geared for Impeccable Selfies with Samsung’s Mini Camera

Are you among those selfie freaks who love to spend hours admiring themselves in myriad poses by taking snaps? Well, you may now leave you cell phones for the work they are meant to do- calling, texting and communicating with others. For Samsung has come up with its awesomely cute NX mini Camera with interchangeable-lens which packs a whole lot of selfie features. What’s more, it is stylish, sassy and portable making it the perfect reason to capture selfies on-the-go by simply tucking it into your pocket.NX mini Camera_1

Exclusive Selfie Features

Pamper the photographer in you with NX Mini camera’s exclusive array of selfie features which the world-class brand especially incorporated to keep up with the current hullabaloo over self-shooting. The camera comes with a Touch Display and Flip Up feature that opens 180 degrees. The 9mm wide ultra-slim angle lens enables you to can capture awesome group selfies posing with your girlfriends while holding the camera at a distance of about an arm. You can be sure of some immaculately clear selfies without looking tacky.

You can even choose from a wide spectrum of shooting alternatives with its M9-27mm F3.5-5.6 ED OIS Lens. Get wide-angle shoots with utmost precision or capture snaps in telephoto mode by using the Optical Image Stabilization for some awesome photographs.

NX mini Camera_2

Design to Pep up your Style Quotient

In addition to capturing your myriad expressions in crystal clear images the Samsung NX camera also boosts up your style quotient. The looks of the Samsung NX Camera is trendy and classy at once flaunting leathery tinge on a solid, elite metal framework. Browse online through the range of fascinating colors which the camera comes in. Love Pink? Flaunt the peppy Pink NX mini camera in your hand. Wish to showcase your love for Mother Earth? Opt for the gorgeous Green hued Samsung NX. Wish to deck up in black for most of the time? Get a black mini camera to accessorize your outfits. In addition to these the Samsung NX mini camera comes in pristine pure white and jazzy brown shades as well.

Want to share the selfies you just took within your friend-circle? The Wi-Fi and NFC features let you share them in a jiffy.  So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for one of the slimmest and sassiest photographic paraphernalia the Samsung NX Mini Smart will be your ultimate choice.

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