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Brando releases Dual SIM, TV Phone V10

brando releases dual sim tv phone v10 38

Brando has released the Brando Dual SIM, TV Phone V10, which is built-in with TV Tuner, Radio, Dual SIM and multi media phone. So, if you live in a country, which gives support to GSM 900MHz and 1800MHz bands, Brando’s TV Phone V10 is claimed to be capable of doing the trick. Though Koreans and Japanese are already known to have this capability, the poorer nations all over Asia at last have an opportunity to catch up.

Sorry to say, it works on GSM 900MHz and 1800MHz bands only, no 3G. It features a modest specs with a 2.6″ TFT touchscreen display at QVGA resolution (240 x 320 pixels), a integrated TV tuner, built-in radio, a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 ringtones, support for MP3 and MPEG 4 files, and a microSD memory card slot. The dual SIM function lets you hold up to 2 SIM cards at once, but only one can be activated at any one time. The TV Phone V10 comes with the price tag of $305.


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