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Bluetrek Bizz:Bluetooth Meets USB For The First Time!

bluetrek Qitt4 3342Two exciting worlds come together for the first time on the Bluetrek Bizz. Dubbed the world’s first Bluetooth headset with an in-built microSD storage and USB 2.0 Connectivity, the product puts to rest all skepticism about integrating USB functionality into a headset. A single glance at the Bluetrek Bizz’ features, and you will wonder why no manufacturer has ever considered this novel concept. The headset supports upto 8GB of storage through a microSD slot and can be charged directly with the help of the USB port. A fully-charged Bluetrek Biz offers upto 7 hrs of talktime and ten days of standby. The customizable color panel further adds to its oomph factor. Like all light-weight (the headset weighs just 10 gms), feature-packed gadgets, the Bluetrek Bizz is certainly not aimed at necessity-driven users. Priced at £40 (around $80), the gadget is a must-own for people with eclectic tastes.


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