BlackBerry Curve 8900

BlackBerry Curve 8900

Whether you pass the bucks to BlackBerry for poking and pushing us into the seamless world of messaging or show appreciation for making our lives much simpler, the company has indeed transmogrified the way we used to get ‘connected’. After egging many of us on with those incessant messaging typing strokes, Research In Motion revamped the journey with their new BlackBerry Curve 8900 model. Devised truly aesthetically, the smartphone, however, primarily zeroes in on business features with oozes of class. Integrated with new exciting features and some of your needed tweaks, the sharp device not only comes boarded with a massive functionality upgrade over its predecessors, but also spells everything correctly as an ideal extension of the Curve Series.

BlackBerry Curve 8900


How many points does Curve 8900 exactly score if ‘performance’ is discussed across the table? Well, good enough in fact. Honestly, the handset functions pretty smoothly for an overall, rich user experience. Although the embedded operating system revolves around the ‘non-touchscreen’ part, the model however does pull off well in leaving many of us delighted. But, you will definitely notice certain noted improvements in the web browser’s rendering speed and accuracy. Now, don’t ask us what exactly that would result into.

Nevertheless, as an EDGE smartphone, the variant from BlackBerry intrigues quite a lot with its quick downloading experience (we definitely won’t crack down on you if you say ‘the company’s amazing data compression technology should be complimented for that). However, some may arch their shoulders over the device’s lack of 3G support.

Coming back to the brownie points that Curve 8900 earns for, the integrated camera is seriously a good inclusion which not only renders an outstanding photography interaction, but also revamps the entire journey. We also appreciate the rich productivity tools and the speedy 512 MHz Xscale processor. Obviously, it does not outweigh the Bold with its 3G HSDPA connections and even speedier processor, but it runs circles around the original Curve. On the whole, you will be quite satisfied with what 8900 offers, whereby the strong talktime of up to 5 hours and 30 minutes and standby time of up to 356 hours just serves as an icing on the cake.


Endowed with a classic look yet modern twist, the amazingly carved Curve 8900 comes equipped with a striking 2.4” light sensitive display for an intuitive viewing experience. Slashed neatly to harmonize pretty well with the chassis, the screen with user selectable font size offers remarkable sharpness and vibrancy through its high resolution support of 480 x 360p.


The smart and compact device features a comfortable 35-key backlit QWERTY keyboard and a facile trackball which has been positioned spaciously on front face. There’s a high end 3.2 megapixel camera with 2x digital zoom, flash and auto-focus. The integrated video recording attribute and image stabilization are other factors that should perk your photography experience up.


For staying connected socially all throughout the day, you can exploit the hidden capabilities of BlackBerry Messenger which has a nice chat-style layout and unlimited characters. So what’s more to know about the smartphone? Some other highlights that should catch your attention include 256MB of onboard memory (expandable via microSD though), 3.5mm stereo headset jack, AES or Triple DES encryption with BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, and audio and video players.


Quite a delight to glimpse through, BlackBerry Curve 8900 beautifully blends pure aesthetics with a lightweight form factor. Designed meticulously to harmonize well with sophistication admirers, the smartphone dresses good enough to impress, irrespective of what your clan is: be it business focused or fun oriented. The stylish handset boasts of its full QWERTY keypad and standard BlackBerry trackball which remain equally adjusted at the heart of Curve 8900. The impressive display is put to good use, so basically you won’t really have to shrivel your eyes while watching something. With the same operating system as BlackBerry Bold, the device will allow you to benefit from loads of good stuff, which amazingly takes account of significant enhancements to the BlackBerry browser, a bedside mode and editing support for Excel and Word documents. The sleek model that’s been made to snooze in the compact volume of 109mm x 60mm x 13.5mm also grabs eyeballs for its smooth edges and satiny curves, that simply add up to the style factor.

Based on the operating system 4.6, the smartphone augments the overall appeal through an incredible performance level as well. So whether you want to take your entertainment center along with your ride, stream high quality video and music files, play on BBM, or manage up to 10 business and personal email accounts in one place, the device lets you do just about everything. If you ask us to put the design front briefly, ‘great looks combined with great features’ is what offered to you by this little yet powerful 110g tot.


Let’s get down to brass tacks, the new BlackBerry Curve 8900 is seriously a great deal to bet the last dollar on. However, there’s a dusky side too, if you are expecting the model to be as advanced as certain running tots on the market. Priced around 18,500, Curve 8900 nevertheless is certainly a great device to hang around with as far as your communication needs are concerned. In fact, it wouldn’t be off-track if we entitle the smartphone as a ‘remarkable business tool’. Except its lack of 3G, the handset makes an awesome pick regardless of what your primary focus is.

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