Taking selfie isn’t a brand new trend. It has been popular since the video camera came into existence. We are continuously becoming addicted to this trend. Nowadays, whenever we open our Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat app we found lots of selfies on our wall feed. We all like to click our best moments and want to share them with loved ones on social media. But the ordinary camera you got in your smartphone may not be able to capture those perfect selfies that you desire. That’s why we’ve gathered here the best apps which can do magic with your selfies.  

  • EXPLORE YOURSELF WITH RETRICA:Retrica is considered one of the best-ranked apps for selfie & photo editing. You can download it from play store or iTunes and use all its features with no app charges. Retrica enables you to take selfies and helps you to beautify your selfies by applying amazing filters with real-time You can create memories with friends and can transform those memory pictures, collages into gifs or videos within a few seconds. Retrica architecture is based on the straightforward & clean user interface. With just a single click it allows you to drag refined filters and you can execute them on your pictures. So what are you waiting for? Just download it, décor your selfies with Retrica’s spellbinding filters and upload them on social media. 
  • MESMERIZING SNAPCHAT:Snapchat is another addition to the best selfie apps list, which is perfectly free and easily available on iTunes & play It has an inbuilt selfie camera with lots of amusing filters & effects that you can apply to your pictures & videos. It has awesome features like stickers, emoji and front-facing flash. The best part of the Snapchat app is that it is multipurpose & absolutely free. This app is one of the best ways to form funny selfies and within this app, you can share those selfies with your loved ones. As compared to most selfie apps, this app is a bit challenging one as you may take a little extra time to use this Snapchat app. 
    Just like the Snapchat app, Instagram is also a great android app which includes so many filters and effects that make your selfie moments perfect. Influenced by Snapchat app’s famous story feature, Instagram too launched story mode filters with fun stickers, emoticons and Within this app, you are able to see stories and live captured moments of your friends from your news feed. You can also write text and draw on your images and share these fun-filled selfies with whomsoever you want to share with. With just one tap you can edit your photo with desirable filters & effects, save it to your mobile and can easily upload on the Instagram story to let the world know how beautiful you are.

    This is the perfect & best app for selfies and more than 100 million people use this amazing BeautyPlus app. Just like all selfie editing apps, you can also apply beautiful filters & effects to your selfies by using BeautyPlus. But, besides these filters, BeautyPlus has another amazing feature animecam which applies fun filters to your pictures. The beautyplus app allows you to change your skin tone in selfies, erase imperfections, smoothen your skin, light up & alter your eye colour, blur your selfie background and so many other effects. BeautyPlus’s advanced features let you edit your selfies in such a way that everyone will adore your natural looks.

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