Apple Watch Price: Gold Apple Watch Edition to Cost More

Apple has always been infamous for its staggering cost. There have been innumerable models of Apple and all of them have all sold out easy.


The Recent Revelation

It was only recently that Tim Cook, the CEO at Apple announced the launch of a new Smart Watch. The watch comes in 3 editions and the sports edition will cost somewhere around $350 but the other editions might probably cost more.

$1000 for a Gold Cased Watch?

As of now, it isn’t known, how much more. However, experts have come up with their own prices and it is estimated that it will cost a little more than $1000. After all, the watch is going to come with 18 karats of gold and one can’t expect it to be a cheap one.

Gold Apple Watch Edition (2)

Can’t be just $1000?

However, there are others who think it will cost a lot more than just a thousand dollars. It only remains to be seen what it will cost once the gold edition has been launched into the market. There is no denying the fact that Apple’s watch release has been the best one out of so many that the world has seen in the last few days.

Wait for its Official Launch

How good it is will be known once it is out in the stores. After all, the quality of the stuff that has been used to make this watch is simply impeccable and the best ever. Thus, the cost surely justifies itself. With the kind of marketing standards the brand has been maintaining, it is no surprise that the watch has been so heavily priced. However, there have been numerous price estimates and some of them even say that it would cost between $400 to $600. With the cost estimates being so varied, one can only wait and “watch” as to what happens once the piece is out in the market.

Well, whose estimates turn out right only time will tell and literally so…until then, one can only wait. For, nearly every tech expert seems to have come up with a different price.

Summary – The article is about the really high price of the iPhone Gold Apple watch and if at all, it is correct to price it high.

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