8 Tips for Creating Winning Software Tutorial Videos


Is your company all set to launch a new software? Now, that’s great news. And every new software launch should be accompanied by an easy software demo. The video will be sent with the software package to help users install and operate the program. Is it the first time for you to create a software demo? Well, nothing to worry as the post below offers the best tips to create a true professional tutorial video for a new software.

Soundproof the recording space

You should cut down on all types of ambient noise while recording your video. You certainly don’t want any external noise to dominate over your voiceover which conveys the main message of the video. So, you should capture the video in a quiet room where there will be no one except you. It would be good if the room is away from the main road. Make sure to close the doors and windows while recording the demo video.

Use conversational tone

Your tone should be professional yet conversational. Use the word “you” throughout the video to make the viewers feel closer to the video. The tutorial should have the aura of some light tech talk over a Sunday brunch. Hope you have got the drift.

Highlight the mouse pointer

Though often ignored yet it is a crucial tip to remember while shooting a software demo video. You will need the mouse pointer to demonstrate different steps and features of the software. Now, the pointer is a tiny thing and it’s not unlikely for the viewer to lose sight of it. Thus, it’s suggested to apply highlight to your mouse pointer so that it stays prominent before the viewer.

Avoid excessive motion

When you are recording a software demo video, it’s natural to use pan and zoom features to highlight the major aspects of the program. But refrain from using them too frequently and unnecessarily. Excessive motion throughout a video is extremely uneasy on the eye.

Use graphics to retain attention

graphics to retain attentionYour video will consist of clips where there’s nothing much happening on screen. It could be during the introduction part or somewhere in the middle of the demo. For example, you may have some clips when you are offering some additional details about a feature of the software. Well, in those cases, don’t just keep the screen black as it will dampen the interest of your viewers. Instead, you can put up some simple graphics to keep your viewers engaged for the brief while.

Get a light background score

A light background score will be nice to jazz things up. You can use the music during intro or when you wind up the video. You can even insert the background score when you are not narrating anything in the video. Go for instrumental music but make sure the background track does not dominate over your voiceover.

Mind the video length

The attention span of humans is decreasing with each passing year. So, a lengthy video is a strict no-no if you actually want your users to watch the demo. Try to wrap up the video within 5-6 minutes only.

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