6 best ways to boost signal strength of mobile phones

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You can have the best phone on the market, but if you cannot connect to a network, it’s basically as good as not having a phone. If call dropping is a regular feature with your phone, you might be blaming the network, but actually it could your phone’s model and make which is responsible for all the dropped calls. Strong signal strength of mobile phones makes video streaming, downloading, listening to songs easy and smooth. Take a look at some of the best types of phones which deliver uninterrupted cell phone coverage.

6 best ways to boost signal strength of mobile phones

Model and Brand

Model and BrandOlder smartphones have poor cellular reception than the newer ones. Networks offer 3G and 4G, but a phone which has been manufactured a few years ago, cannot tap into the latest speeds. Newer smartphones have better signal strength of mobile phones, as they have been built with the capacity to access the frequency spectrums required for faster indoor connections.

So basically, the latest models (3-4 years older phones) and obviously the latest model from all the leading brands including Samsung, Apple, Google and many others, have the ability to connect to the latest generation of mobile data and have better cellular reception indoors. You don’t have to upgrade to the most expensive version, but if you want to upgrade to the phone having the best signal strength of mobile phones, then go for affordable models of good brands which are the latest addition on the market.


in-built antennaUnlike the mobile antennas of yore, you cannot see the antennas of smartphones, as they are in-built. These antennas’ signal can be blocked by many external barriers, sometimes even your protective cellphone cover may be blocking the signal. Some budget phones have design flaws, which lead to poor reception when the phones’ chassis is held in a particular way.

Recently, Ireland’s Communications Regulator (COMREG) conducted tests on some mobiles, and found that Samsung Galaxy S8 has the best reception, as measured by the TRP or Total Radiated Power. On the 1800 band, the TRP of Samsung Galaxy S8 was 23.6 as against the iPhone 7, which had only 16.6 TRP. The signal strength of mobile phones depends on the brands as well as the models, as the antenna in all instruments is one of the main reasons for better or poor reception.

We have seen the broadcast frequencies increase over the years. This means that the wavelengths have shrunk, leading manufacturers to design phones which have minute antennas but still have great signal strength. Engineers have developed ‘fractal’ antennas, which are of smaller size and need much less power to operate. So to get the best signal strength of mobile phones, even for poor reception areas, you should upgrade to the latest version of your phone.

Operating System

Operating-SystemSometimes the OS or the Operating system can be a factor in poor reception. Well-designed software does affect how quickly your phone can receive the signal from the cellphone tower and also relay your signal to the tower. This is however, not always true because the developers might compromise on cellphone reception to boost the battery life. Usually, the new software update fine-tunes your phone and improves the performance of the phone, including signal strength.

Density of cellphone towers

Density of cellphone towersThis is one of the main reasons why you may not be receiving a good signal. You may be located in an area where the density of cellphone towers is less, leading to poor connection. All of us want better and faster connectivity, and at the same time do not want to be exposed to cellphone tower radiation. So we have to choose whether to allow the networks to build more towers in our vicinity or be content with slower connections!

Smartphone signal booster for your home: weBoost Connect 4G

weBoost Connect 4GThere are some devices available which act as signal booster.  These boosters amplify the weak cellular signals and work for all types of signals 3G, 4G, 4G LTE and so on, for any network/carrier and any phone. For poor reception areas, these boosters are very useful, as they improve the coverage upto 5,000 sq ft.

The weBoost connect 4G and others like it are especially useful in rural areas as well.

weBoost Drive Reach

good signal strengthThis is considered to be one of the best signal boosters in North America. It can give upto 50 dB gain, has the highest uplink output and is compatible with all carriers and phones. It has a sleek metal body, which is designed to displace the excess heat.

Upgrading your phone which can connect to high-speed bandwidth is one of the ways to access stronger signal strength and thus, get faster connections. The strength of the signal depends on how close you are located to the cellphone towers and also the efficiency of the in-built antennas.

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