6 Apps to Help You Stay Organized

Apps to Help You Stay Organized

Disorganized? Having trouble keeping your responsibilities at work and home straight? These apps can help you out.

In 2022, the majority of people across the globe spend an average of 7 hours each day looking at a screen. Technology plays an important role in just about everyone’s life, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing – modern technology can actually help you keep organized and stay on top of important tasks in order to boost productivity in the workplace.

Here are 6 of the best apps for organization that you need to download today.

1.  Any.Do

Balance your personal and professional responsibilities with help from Any.Do. Whether you need to remember to make a payment, schedule a meeting with a client, or follow up about an appointment at thrivemdclinic.com, this daily scheduling app will keep you on track. Any.Do is available on smart watches, meaning you can stay organized even on the go.

2.  Todoist

If making to do lists everyday is what helps you stay organized, Todoist is a must have app. With a simple, user-friendly interface, the app allows you to create multiple to-do lists with subcategories in order to keep track of everything you need each day.

3.  Toggl

For those who struggle with time management, Toggle is a life saver. The app tracks your time throughout each week to help you determine how much time you spend on each task you complete throughout the day, so you can manage your time better.

4.  24me

If you have too many obligations throughout the week for your phone’s normal calendar app to handle, try 24me. With the option to color code tasks and events and the option to set push notification reminders, this app will make sure you never forget an important meeting, appointment, or event.

5.  Calendly


This helpful calendar app allows you to book meetings with clients or coworkers based on your current schedule and availability, so you never have to think too hard about the right time to meet or put yourself at risk for overbooking.

6.  Pocket

Pocket helps you keep track of media such as articles that you might encounter on your social media feed and want to save for later. Never lose an important read or overload your bookmarks with too many articles you don’t even remember ever again.

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