5 Reasons why you should sleep with your cellphone


Studies suggest that most youngsters between 18 and 28 years of age prefer keeping their cellphones close to their bed when they go to sleep. Though, this practice is pretty much common nowadays but the study didn’t identify the probable causes behind it. A close observation of the utilitarian aspects linked to the cellphone however does reflect on the study results. Sleeping with your cellphone right next to the pillow can have its own range of reasons including:

1. Set your alarm right

It serves as an excellent alarm clock. So, you can customize your cellphones alarm settings and set up multiple alarms with your favorite alarm tone that sounds much better than the usual beep of the conventional alarms. Some phones are capable of serving this purpose even when their batteries run down or they are switched off. So, it’s not mandatory to have your cellphone turned on to use it as an alarm. The younger lot is so packed up in schedules that they least prefer getting late and wasting time; hence, they set alarm in their cellphone to be always on time.

2. As a sleep aid

Cellphones are commonly used as sleeping aids by many who prefer some background noise. There are many people who rely on particular sounds to sleep soundly and hence they put their cellphones to work for creating the same. Cellphones, therefore, play the part of noise machines or even a sleep cycle aids with their audio features.

3. Sleep talk

Let’s ditch the tedious land line connections that require you to get out of that warm, cozy bed in order to communicate. Instead keep your smart phone close so that you can connect with anyone anytime whenever the need be and that too right from your bed. Whether you are sick or too tired to get up and talk, you want to keep the cellphone close to you so that it becomes handy whenever you want to communicate with your loved ones, and that too instantly.

4. Get to work even in your bed

Cellphones nowadays come with a list of smart features that let you access your emails or documents. So, just hit the button and check your latest mail updates with downright ease. Planning your work schedule, checking with your friends and chuckling over some hilarious messages are just a handful of examples amongst the great lot.

5. Get the music going

Feel too clumsy? Just play up some of your favorite songs to make a start early morning. It’s definitely a great way to swing you in for some action. Whether you love the soothing numbers or the hard rock ones, you can play your favorite song to head for a perfect day.

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