5 best cellphone tracking apps for Android users

Android Tracking

Cellphone tracking refers to obtaining the current location of the cellphone whether it is static or in motion.The localization is done either by looking for the phone and obtaining the radio tower, which can communicate with the phone, or by GPS. By multilateration of the radio signals, when the cell emits roaming signals to the nearest antenna, we can identify which location the phone is nearer to. GSM is based on the signal strength to nearby antenna mast. This article presents 5 such apps for Android phones, which will help the you track you phone in either of the ways given above.

1. Android Tracker SMS Spy


The SMS Spy app uses GPS to track the phone as it is the best and more accurate positioning method. But, leaving the GPS on all the time drains away the cell battery charge. Therefore there had to be an alternative to the usual Android GPS tracking systems. In SMS spy, the GPS need not be enabled all the time for the cell to be tracked.

In SMS spy, there is no icon appearing on the screen as you install it. It runs as a background service waiting for tracking request. To track the device, you have to just send a message “How are you???” to this device. Note that this exact text has to be sent. Then the device will respond with its GPS position, address, and map link so that you can identify its exact location.

The major limitation here is that the GPS has to be on when the message is sent.

2. Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker

The Mobile tracker allows you to SMS your location, or let others enquire about your location through just an SMS. The phone to be traced just has to be an Android smartphone.

But there are several things to be kept in mind while using this app. The main things are that GPS has to be on. The best way to track is through GPS. Or else, “Use Wireless Network” should be turned on for tracking purposes. Internet access is required in this case to get the current location. Also it needs to have Google Maps installed on it. So it connects to the internet and browses these maps and locates the current position.

The limitation of the app is the demands that it makes to get it working on your cell.

3. Mobile Phone Tracker

Mobile Phone Tracker

This app helps you locate your cell with just a tap on your phone. The major feature of the Mobile Phone Tracker is its integretion with the address book on the cell phone. You can see the location of the phone in both map mode and satellite mode. This feature is shown in the above image.

The phone also uses the GPS form, and therefore GPS has to be enabled in the phone. It is compatible with the 1.5, 1.6, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 versions of the OS.

4. Mobile GPS Tracker

Mobile GPS

This app enables you to record on your Android phone any track that you have taken using the GPS facility in your phone. A simple “Start Recording” tab will allow you to communicate to your phone to start recording the locations surpassed by you, while you do the usual tasks on your cell in the foreground. The recording can be stopped or paused anytime by pressing the corresponding tabs on the app. You can view the route that has been recorded and this can be saved for a fututre reference too.

It uses the Google Map app to show the route that was recorded on the phone. Always save the route you prefer to refer again with appropriate names, so that it would be easier for you to access them later.

5. My Mobile Tracker

My mobile

The attraction of this application is that it can automatically trigger a an alert without any manual intervention in case of an emergency. The app reacts for you. It keeps on monitoring for any immediate requests every single minute to give the most quickest response, if something happens to the cell.

My Mobile Trackers use Support Liveview, which is a Sony Ericsson extra utility to remind about a registered event when it is about to expire.

This is a great tool, which ensures the safety of the user when he is outside. Anybody can query the phone and it automatically replies with ok or emergency status to others.

Five great applications that can be used with your favorite Android phones for tracking a cell phone or ensuring safety of the user are introduced to you right here. Try these and know the experience yourselves.

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