4 Fastest VPNs Tested in 2020

Fastest VPNs Tested in 2020

Cybercrime and internet censorship are rampant in this era, and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is necessary. If you live in a country where the internet is not censored, you might term yourself lucky, yet other things should worry you, such as:

Security Agencies

Use-a-VPNUnfortunately, we now live in a world where our privacy is non-existent as far as the government is concerned. Agencies like the CIA, FBI, and NSA have the express right to monitor your activities under the guise of national freedom.

A VPN hides your IP address and provides you with a virtual location, which means your real location cannot be tracked.

Data Mining

Most huge corporations, such as Facebook, Google, and Apple, are some of the notorious companies that threaten your privacy, second to security agencies. They harvest your data and sell it to third parties, who use the information to bring you unwarranted ads.

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, had to appear before congress a few years back to explain how the British consulting firm got hold of millions of people’s Facebook Profiles. A VPN is a master at encryption and ensures these big corporations cannot view your online activities. The best VPNs have inbuilt tracking and adware blockers, so you do not see any of these ads.

The Best VPNs

We shall look at the four fastest,and among the best VPN for USA in2020 to give you complete freedom in accessing blocked content and offer protection. They offer three things that should be a top priority when choosing a VPN:

  • Stringent no-logs policy
  • Military-grade AES- 256-bit encryption, or at the very least, AES-128-bit encryption
  • A wide range of servers, both local and international

Here are the best VPNs in 2020:

1.   ExpressVPN

Express VpnExpressVPN is voted the best for several reasons:

  • Over 3,000 servers globally
  • More than 25 server locations in the United States alone
  • It can connect up to five devices at once
  • It has super-fast speeds, which allow you to torrent, game online, and stream with zero buffering.
  • It has AES-256-bit encryption, no-log policy, and automatic DNS/IPv6 leak protection, and a kill switch, which cuts the internet connection if you are disconnected.
  • Offers split-tunneling
  • Unblocks Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, NBC, CBC, Hulu, HBO GO, and Disney +
  • Is compatible with several Operating Systems such as Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and Apple TV
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied in 30 days, you get a refund in full.

2.   Surfshark

SurfsharkSurfshark is one of the best and yet affordable VPNs available.

  • It has Unlimited device connections.
  • It has 24 server locations in the US.
  • Friendly pricing
  • Over 1,700 torrent enabled servers in over 60 countries support HD streaming and unlimited Peer to Peer (P2P) connections.
  • It has a No-log policy, automatic kill switch, and AES-256 encryption. It offers MultiHop, which channels you via two VPN servers, making it impossible to trace you.
  • Security tools such as Camouflage mode, which camouflages you from your ISP, DNS leak protection, and OpenVPN
  • Unblocks Hulu, International Netflix, Windows, iOS, macOS, Firefox, Linux, Chrome, and Android
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

3.   NordVPN

NordVPNNordVPN is impressive for its server range and its other unique features:

  • Over 5,000 servers globally, and of these, over 1,700 servers are in the United States.
  • Connects at least six devices at once
  • It is the fastest VPN so far, with a feature called Quick Connect and various specialty servers that connect you with lightning-fast speed.
  • It uses 256-bit encryption, with dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. NordVPN has a double VPN setting that channels your traffic through two servers, making you untraceable. It provides P2P torrenting servers and a feature called Onion over VPN, which offers absolute online anonymity.
  • Seamless streaming via SmartPlay. It blocks out all trackers, popup ads, and malware by using a feature called CyberSec.
  • Unblocks Sky Go, Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, Hulu, etc.
  • Compatibility with some routers and most browsers and operating systems such as iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, Android, etc.

4.   Private Internet Access

Private Internet AccessPrivate Internet Access is one of the best VPN services for gaming. It has:

  • Over 1,500 US servers in 14 different locations globally
  • Over 3,200 international servers
  • MACE, an inbuilt Malware, tracker, and ad blocker
  • Unblocks Sky Go, Netflix, HBO GO, Showtime, and HBO Now
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems such as Linux, Windows, iOS, macOS, Chrome, Android, Firefox, and some routers
  • 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN, which keeps your online activity protected and anonymous.


These are just some of the few VPN services available in the market, but there are many more. When choosing a VPN, all you need to do is its server range, security and anonymity offered, by-passing properties, and whether it has a money-back guarantee.

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