3 Ways rideshare apps and services can help your social life


Rideshare apps are becoming increasingly popular these days, and for good reason. They solve a critical problem a lot of people face, which is efficient transportation. The concept behind ridesharing is being able to hitch a ride with someone who’s heading in the same direction. You download an application and request a ride by entering your origin and destination on a map. And then you pay a fee that’s computed by the time and distance factors of your entire trip. Implementation varies depending on the platform used. But basically it works by hooking you up with drivers who are headed to the same direction. Pretty neat technology, isn’t it?

The benefits of rideshare apps don’t only extend to having an additional transportation option for commuters. It helps improve traffic conditions in crowded metros, allows people to save and earn money, and also impacts the environment in good ways. But that’s not all, ridesharing apps also offer you an enriching social experience. Here are 3 ways it can help your social life:

1. You get to know your driver


Every person has a different story, and that includes your driver. While some drivers would prefer keeping to themselves during trips, there are a lot of friendly ones who are always open for conversation. Talking to your driver helps you be more at ease and secure with the ride, plus you get to earn a new friend too. You’d be surprised at the different stories your drivers have to tell. There are drivers who choose to work part time with ride sharing companies for extra money, and there are those who are hired to become drivers. You can pick up so many experiences and learning from the different people you encounter. It’s definitely a big help having someone to talk to specially if you’re both sitting in traffic!

2. You gain new friends

Would you believe it, ridesharing apps have now become a tool to gain new friends! Thanks to their carpooling feature which lets you ride with other passengers heading the same way, it’s never been easier to surround yourself with new faces and gain new acquaintances. Using a specialized algorithm, booking through pool sharing allows you to get matched with other riders who are heading the same direction. Gaining new friends through carpooling is very easy. Since you’re heading in the same direction, you already have something in common to talk about! The carpooling feature offered in ride sharing apps is also cheaper than booking a ride just for yourself. You get to save up as much as 40% by sharing your ride with others.

3. You help the environment


By using ridesharing apps, you help reduce the carbon footprint of your commute. Greenhouse gases are posing a grave threat to the Earth. The US alone has produced 1,100.7 teragrams of carbon CO2 in the atmosphere in 2014. A teragram is equivalent to 1 billion kilograms, so you could imagine how massive the effects of greenhouse gases are. By sharing your ride, you help reduce the amount of cars on the road. If three people heading the same direction would share a single car, not only would you gain new friends, you also help the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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