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10 symptoms that signal cellphone addiction

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Spending all day with mobile phone, skipping meals, not socialising; well all of this is known as the mobile addiction. This is the addiction, which if not taken care of at the right time can become quite uncontrollable and quite dangerous. This is form of a plague that is spreading quite fast and is affecting a lot of people, especially from the young generation.

The following are the top 10 signs that will show whether you are addicted to your mobile phone or smartphone or not.

1. If you spend more on your mobile accessories than on your mobile

If you are always well stocked with things like car charger, spare batteries, wireless speakerphone, Bluetooth adapter, etc., then you are an addict. You might not realize that once you upgrade your mobile phone, then all of this will be of no use for you.

A lot of mobile accessories can be used only by an addict because the addict is a person who spends a lot of time with the mobile phone and thus needs lots of convenience.

2. If you have too may application installed and you use them quite frequently

Most of us do go through the application installing binges and we install application in our phone. But, if we are not an addict, then after 2 weeks, we forget about using them and we will quite forget that we have installed them.

But the others, who are addict, will keep using them and will in fact remember the shortcuts for using those applications.

3. When an alarm on the phone constantly tells you what to do

The various alarms would be for things like business meetings, group meeting, appointment with the doctor, etc. If you quite everyday go through the process of putting various alarms for small as well as big events and appointments, then you are an addict.

Thus, each day such a person is decided and instructed by the mobile phone.

4. If you read about your phone on your phone

While fiddling with your mobile for the major part of the day, you keep on looking at almost every feature that is there in your mobile. A time comes, when you are quite done with this activity and then you want to know more about your phone and you read latest posts and threads about it.

5. You have at some point of time, cut on necessities to pay your phone bill

If this is the case and you have compromised on the basic things, just to pay your high phone bill or to get a recharge for more talk time, then you are an addict.

You simply cannot do away with having no talk-time to talk and use the phone.

6. If your phone’s full battery does not last for a day

If, for you, the full battery does not last even for a day, then it speaks of your phone consumption and thus also speaks of your phone addiction. Thus, you have to keep a phone charger with you at all points of time.

The addiction is directly proportion to the usage.

7. If your phone is broken or lost or is not working, then you feel that you have lost a friend

For such people, they simply cannot stay without a phone and the phone is like the most important person in their life. They cannot imagine a day of their life without the mobile phone.

8. You keep on discussing about phones

This is the case when your common topic of discussion is mobile phone and about the new models that are coming in the market.

The most important thought that is there in your mind at all points of time is about mobile phones.

9. You get panic attacks when you put your hand in the pocket and do not find the phone

You might have taken the phone out of the pocket and might have kept it somewhere but when you get the feeling that you have lost the phone, then you almost panic.

10. You use the phone even in the washroom

The first thing that you do when you get up in the morning is to take the cell phone with you to the washroom and start using it immediately.

Then you are proving that mobile phone is like the most important part of your daily routine.

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