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10 Easy ways to boost your cellphone reception

Cellphone reception

Cellphones when introduced were a luxury and have become a necessity today. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine life without cell phones. We have become habitual to making and receiving phone calls as and when convenient. So naturally, when cellphones do not receive appropriate signals our daily activities get affected to a great extent. It stalls communication and causes reasonable amount of distress. Dropped calls, static call ups, echoes, etc are some common network problems. Sometimes, it becomes really difficult to put up with such problems. Here are a few tips to amplify your deadened reception is this happens.

1. Update your Reception Tower

A list of cell phone towers that provide you reception is really handy and can be obtained from the PRL or Preferred Roaming List. This resource can also tell you the order in which you can connect with towers in your area. These details are actually sent out by Sprint automatically but not everyone notices if they are receiving these. The PRL related information can also be requested manually through your mobile phone by accessing the settings option in the phone menu. Some cell service providers have a dial up facility for locating the towers. This will help you to update your phone with the service provider’s network no matter where you are.

2. Wire antenna

If you are really fed up of depending on your network reception then you can try to engineer a solution on your own. You will need an insulated wire, ruler, skewer and wire cutter to make it. Just cut a 20 cm long wire and twirl about 5 cms of it around using a skewer, then mount it on your phone.

3. Other DIY antennas

Many instructions and guidelines are available for making a DIY antenna. Such antennas can be made using paper clips, insulated wires, empty cans or even an old radio antenna. Success is however not guaranteed with this method as it also depends on an individual’s ability to work with the raw materials. Some of these methods work but provide only short term solutions or the network access is limited. Most cell phone companies discourage making such antennas on your own. They are of an opinion that such tampering can affect the quality of the cell phone or invalidate the reception warranty guaranteed by your network provider. Hence, resort to this solution with heed.

4. Upgrade the antenna

This method can also moderately augment the signal strength of your network. Also, it will not cost you much so it doesn’t hurt to give a shot at least once. Many service providers manufacture ‘hi-gain’ antennas that can be yanked by cell phone user to give a boost to their network.

5. Access Wi-Fi network

This is also an effective trick but can be applied only in phone that have UMA support. In some selective phones, the network strength can be augmented through Wi-Fi signals.

6. Cellular repeaters

These devices work if you have at least two network bars showing on your cell phone. But, they can significantly amplify low signals, increase download speed and even enhance battery life.

7. Femtocells

Another type of amplifying device for your network, but it uses the latest technology. They behave like mini cell phone towers and can provide a 5 bar signal to phones within a 2500 feet radius. You just have to attach them to a wireless router in your home.

8. Purchase an external antenna

Although quite expensive, this is a sure shot way to boost your signal intensity. So, if the cell phone signal is playing havoc then just buy an external antenna and sync it with the phone using an adapter kit.

9. Opt for amplifiers

Your cell phone reception will improve greatly if you install an amplifier which will mostly provide service within a distance of 50 miles. Only they will use up a lot of electric power for doing this.

10. Consider changing service provider

If you are consistently distressed by a weak coverage then it is best to change your network provider. Different providers have signals of varying frequency with some signals being more powerful than other.

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