10 Most creativity cellphone accessories you’d want to own

creative cellphone accessories

We need smartphones and we also need smart accessories to make our cell phones even smarter. When you buy a new cell phone, a few accessories such as a charger, headphones and a data cable is what you get packed in the same box. And that is all you care to have along with your cell phones. People buy cell phone covers to protect their priced phones and might consider switching their default headphones for a music edition but that is all. The reason that people mostly have the default accessories is that they, like most of us, are unaware of the products available in the market that can boost the productivity of their cell phones. There is a big market of accessories from which you can choose from according to your preferences. To skip your research hassle, here is a list of the 10 most creative cell phone accessories you you woud definitely want to own. Take a look!

1. Aura sensing phone strap

Aura sensing phone strap

This one is not for your cell phone, but the inner you. This is a strap attached to a glowing ball that can sense your aura and display it according to it. The ball adapts one of the eight colors by sensing the energy emitted by the user. At least that is what it claims to do. The ball is made of crystal, amethyst or rose quarts as the power stone.

2. Backup pal

Backup pal

This is a very convenient solution for backing up all your data without even having a computer. People who own a basic phone instead of a high-end smartphone can easily transfer their contacts, messages and other stuff without the need of any smart function or app or even a computer. Backing up your stuff is a very smart thing to do and this hockey puck can save it all.

3. Hot vision video goggles

Hot vision video goggles

This mobile vision video goggle has the capability to simulate a 50″ virtual screen from your ordinary cell phone display when placed very close to it. This is a wonder way to watch all the videos on a big screen without having one. Hope you know how to keep your eyes safe from any possible damage, do not make it a habit.

4. Mobile Phone Telescope

Mobile Phone Telescope

Ever wondered how you can bird watch a subject or an object without having a binocular or a high-end camera? The Mobile Phone Telescope is the solution. Now you can zoom through this telescope and magnify near images, all you need is an ordinary phone with an average camera.

5. Cigarette lighter phone

Cigarette lighter phone

Well, not yet out for a trial, but supposedly according to sources, this is a phone that can aid in burning your lungs faster and more conveniently by becoming a phone-cum lighter. All you got to do is lower the protective covering and shove in your cigarette and it burns. Not good for its battery life but convenient for smokers.

6. Wind Chime for cell phone

Wind Chime for cell phone

This wind chime has a different purpose than just melodies. It is not just a hanging chime that will play its charming tones with the flow of wind but will only tingle when you have a call or a text. What a wonderful external ringtone source!

7. Cell-phone speaker dock

Cell-phone speaker dock

This is a popular pick when it comes to cell phone accessories. Why would you need a portable music player or a bunch of cool speakers if you have your regular cell phone and this amazing cell-phone dock? This enhances the quality of the speakers of your cell phone to match the music quality you desire.

8. Bluetooth Bracelet

Bluetooth Bracelet

Bluetooth Bracelet is a beautiful accessory which suits not just your cell phone but also your wrist. This bracelet has a small LCD display to show the call, message or music details and also vibration feature for alerts. When not in use, it has multiple designs for just your wrist.

9. Callpod’s Chargepod

Callpod's Chargepod

A portable charger that can charge almost all kinds of cell phones and can be always kept in reach. All you have to do is carry this small device in your pocket and charge a number of cell phones simultaneously.

10. Seat-belt phone holder

Seat Belt Holder

Never forget to wear your seat belt while driving and keep your cell phone in this seat belt phone holder so that you do not have to search for it while you drive. Answer all your important calls while watching the road.

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