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Verizon Wireless to offer LG VX9100, VX8610 soon

Verizon Wireless subscribers have plenty to smile about because if sources are to be believed then the service could soon see two brand new LG handsets added to its already impressive repertoire. LG V9100 which appears to be an updated VX9900 enV is a slim, sleek phone sans the ugly camera on its back and features a traditional up/down key instead of the 5 way navigational button. External display on the V9100 will have alpha numeric keys and a small display with the interior containing a QVGA screen and QWERTY pad. Another replacement for a former favorite, the VX8610 will seek to replace the VX8550 Chocolate with cool features like touch-sensitive keys, 4-button navigation around a trackball d-pad. Beyond the flip lies the true surprise of the new phone as the VX8610 has a Bluetooth headset held directly on the set’s hindquarters. With 2MP camera and microSD slots on both the phones, Verizon can count themselves real lucky to be getting their hands on it.

Source: Uber Phones

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