Things to Consider When Choosing Vocoder VST Plugins

Vocoder VST Plugins

Would you like to add that magical robotic touch to your musical performances? For music enthusiasts scouting for smart recording instruments, some best vocoders list like this one can make your search smoother. Vocoder plugins have been there for a long time but it was only in the last 70’s decade that it became increasingly popular. Such software has emerged successful in enhancing the overall recording experience.

Here’s what you should know before picking up the best vocoder VST plugins.

How do they help?

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If you want to add somebody to your performances that you feel might otherwise sound dull when recorded normally, the vocoder can lend an edge to your vocal and instrumental sounds. The best thing is that you can get experimental with all the jingle you create.

How does it work?

Premised on two basic elements, a vocoder comprises of the carrier and the modulator. The former is the sound created by the vocoder while the latter refers to the musical source. In most cases, the human voice makes the best option for analysis by the modulator.

The modulator signal is run through bands of frequencies. Each band level is transmitted as a signal to its corresponding filter band. With the filter set to the same frequency as analyzed, a flawless mapping is created when the carrier is passed through the filter bands. This enables each band-pass filter to robotically adjust to its corresponding frequency. That way, your carrier gets filtered and all the unwanted frequencies are extracted from it.

So, even if you use a human voice to vocode a specific synthesizer chord, it will sound like the synthesizer is speaking. Find out how vocoders differ from autotune devices @

Before you make a purchase, it would be good to try a demo of the best sounding vocoders in the market. There are few free ones available online that you try before investing in. Here are some common features that such devices offer.

– Enhancement of speech through noise contouring

– Noise reduction by controlling that flowing through the carrier

– Voice doubling and reverb functions

– Band unison to create a rich and deep sound

– A good range of bands locatable anywhere in the spectrum

What to consider before buying one

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Vocoders don’t look very different and this can make it a little tricky. However, some basic research can help. Even the ones that appear out-moded may not necessarily be redundant, especially it has a corresponding VST emulator.

Simply find the software which was used to emulate the unit you are searching for. Here is all you like to know about phase vocoders.

Look for unvoiced features in your vocoder plugin as this can improve the output quality manifold times. this feature works as a booster to give the consonant an amplified volume. For those looking for elements of voice processing in the vocal recorder, ensure that it has this feature.

Better microphones can make a sea of difference. In your list, do add this as a piece of additional equipment.

The sound created by your keyboard controller may not suffice and this is where an extra audio interface that works as a preamp for the microphone can enhance the output sound quality. Hop over to this site to read more on how to sing into a microphone:

What’s best is that you don’t need to be a trained singer to use a vocoder. The top brand plugins are designed with such technology that can seamlessly cover the parts where you think you could have done a better job.

No doubt good singing adds to the natural vibrance but again features like the mod wheel can help you achieve similar results even if you just speak into the vocoder.

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