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T-Mobile inducts Samsung t819 in its lineup, at $100

Samsung and T-Mobile USA continue to support each other with t819 formally being inducted on T-Mobile’s network. And yes the slider has been introduced with EDGE support. Does this make it a 3G slider? Not quite since the operator isn’t marketing it as one and yet the 1700Mhz band does give us some food for thought.
t819 dons a coffee brown exterior and is all mid-range with its features. All the regulars you know like 1.3-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, 220×176 display, and a media player that’ll make use of the micro SD support. There’s support for myFaves and T-Mobile’s address book too.
Good thing is that the phone does come in cheap with a $100 price tag for a two-year contract and $220 for contract-free subscriptions. Now if T-Mobile unleashes its 3G services on this thing, it might not be a bad bargain.

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