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Sprint begins selling the Green Reclaim today

samsung reclaim on sprint for 50 on a 2 year contr

A couple of weeks back, Samsung made some news with the launch of its Reclaim phone which is targeted at consumers who care about the environment. It was indeed a joint effort of Samsung and Sprint for otherwise such a phone would have never seen daylight. Sprint mentioned that the phone will go public with a $49.99 plan on a two–year contract and will be available at Sprint stores from August 16. The green buffs who were expecting this phone had to wait for a couple of more days as the Reclaim is up for the grabs beginning today. It is the one to be pocketed by environmentalists as it is made out of 80 per cent recycled materials and even the packaging is done with 70% recycled materials and Soy Ink. Talk about energy consumption, it comes with a full battery indicator and even the standby option requires 12 times lesser energy compared to standard device.

Via: MobileWhack

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