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Is there a universal translator iPhone app?

I am using iphone 4G and I want to install a universal translator app in my phone. I am wondering if there is an app that will convert my voice to text (internally) via speed recognition, and then ‘speak’ the same sentence in another language. Please sugg

How to unlock AT&T phone?

I am planning to buy a used Samsung Focus from Amazon. I want to unlock this phone by contacting AT&T directly, so that I can use it in London as well. I don’t really want to use one of the online unlocking services since they cost. So can anyone help m

Does cell phone monitoring software really works?

I am here regarding my query about cell phone monitoring software. I have two kids. Both are teenagers. I have given them androids. But I am always worried about them getting into some trouble. I would like to have some kind of software through which I ca

Can I use AT&T Samsung Jack on other carriers? How?

I have an AT&T Samsung Jack. I would like to use this phone on other carriers such as T-Mobile, etc. Is it possible? Can I use AT&T Samsung Jack on other carriers? If yes, how can I use it on other carriers? What all do I need to do switch to different ca

Has anyone else facing problem in mobile Firefox?

I am using Samsung Smartphone and I want to use mobile firefox, but it’s terrible. I can’t log into huffpo, I can’t log into facebook. And it is too slow as well. So are you also facing this problem in your mobile Firefox or I am the only one with this i

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