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SlingPlayer Mobile redefines cable-viewing on iPhone

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Sling Media is all set to introduce its most up-to-date application till date for the iPhone. Dubbed as SlingPlayer Mobile, the application will allow you to watch Cable TV from anywhere, provided you’ve a high-speed internet connection at your disposal. It’s definitely switchable from your home basic cable, which enables you to enjoy QVGA resolution at 30 frames per second. It will lend mobility to your cable-viewing experience for sure. Well, this time it’s not just for the iPhones; Mac HD is soon going to be a part of it. Running this application on to your iPhone becomes exceptionally expedient owing to insightful menus and handy shortcuts. So, if you’re an iPhone user you need to wait for some time, while others may download it electronically here for $29.99 only.

Image Credit: Crazyengineers

Via: Techcrunch

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