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Slingplayer may be available on the new 3G iPhone

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Sling media has exciting plans of connecting the Slingbox to the new 3G iPhone. The company itself seems very excited about the prospect. A modded first generation iPhone was used to demonstrate what the actual product might look like. An important issue with this concept is that Steve Jobs must announce the 3G iPhone at the opening of Apple’s worldwide developers conference. As everything is still very tentative, Sling Media and the rest of you who are fond of both Slingboxes and iPhones might just have to wait it out.

Slingbox, which is a TV streaming device, can directly stream videos to a mobile device (such as an iPhone) with the help of SlingPlayer. The company has been waiting for a next-generation version of the iPhone as the bandwidth required for a high quality video to be watched needs a device which runs on a 3G wireless service. Sling has collaborated with Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian phones and Blackberry already. The product is likely be launched in early 2009.

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