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Sky IM-R100 Boasts Face Recognition Technology

Pantech Group has a cell phone in its stores that could compete those, offered by the giants in the telecom industry. Well, the Sky IM-R100, the face recognition phone, is blessed with the face recognition technology. The auto-swiveling camera will liven up the images as the face of the person will always be in the centre. The technology is called auto tracking. The company claims that the face recognition makes pictures more lifelike and clear.
The 2.2′ 262K-color TFT-LCD enable crisp images and its wide-viewing angle allows you to shoot clear pictures, no matter you are standing on the east side or the north. Other salient features include MP3 player, mobile banking, recording and PictBridge. The make of the handset is alluring.Go to Wapzon for more details about IM-R100.


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