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Seagate shows diminutive drive DAVE for mobile phones

dave 48Seagate anticipates increasing storage capacity on mobile phones with its new DAVE (Digital Audio Video Experience) device. The storage device can be connected wirelessly to the mobile phones thereby allowing users to have access to the tiny 2.5-ounce drive via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Though analysts say that there will be tough market ahead but Seagate hopes to do wonders with DAVE device. Seagate claims the DAVE’s battery to stay on for 10 hours of media streaming. Mobile phones can connect to the device from within 30 feets of distance. IDC analyst John Rydning said that Apple’s iTunes has set a precedent that might work to Seagate’s advantage, particularly as more and more users begin downloading digital content directly to their handsets.

DAVE is expected to hit the market in the middle of this year with a 20GB model while a 40GB version is scheduled to come in 2008.

Via: Newsfactor

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