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Samsung’s SCH-a990 makes home in Verizon

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Samsung’s SCH-a990 will be latest phone to join Verizon ranks.

This is the first phone in USA to have 3.2-megapixel camera with host of other functionalities like V-cast technology for playing videos and downloading music.

Here’s a brief rundown on specs:

With 3.80-inch x 1.88-inch x 0.82-inches in dimensions and weighing 4 ounces this phone is a CDMA with 1x EV-DO technology incorporated

It has a 3.2-megapixel Camera with auto-focus

The 2.5-ich display has got 240 x 320 resolution with capacity to display 262k colors and rotates 180 degrees

The outer TFT screen is 1.15-inches with resolution of 128 x 96

Internal memory can be boosted by microSD card slot so nothing new in it

TV out coupled with Bluetooth and USB 2.0 port can also be found on this phone

The media player gives support to whole gamut of audio and video files
No details on price as yet.

Via: Slashphone

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