What we know about Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE, first true HD smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE


Samsung Galaxy S II is rocking in global markets. The smartphone has now just received a HD 4G LTE version at least in South Korea, home to Samsung Electronics. Running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and an upgraded processor, Galaxy S II HD LTE is to provide five times better speed for Internet. Samsung Galaxy S II is already the best Android smartphone ever, and it has been well fighting Android’s major rival Apple iPhone 4 since its arrival in stores. The new HD and LTE version of Galaxy S II will give a new force for the Galaxy S series in Korea.

Pricing and availability

Pricing details of Galaxy S II HD LTE are not available. The device will only be available in South Korea at first. Anything is not known about the device’s U.S release.

What’s great

HD display: The new version of Samsung Galaxy S II is with a High Definition 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display. The HD display will bring you contents in great quality and clarity. Samsung is already known for its amazing AMOLED display technology.

4G LTE: In South Korea, Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE is the first smartphone with 4G LTE compatibility. The device is to offer five times better speed for Internet than its 3G counterpart, Samsung claims.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread: The new Galaxy S II is also running on the latest version of Android OS for smartphones, Gingerbread. The software realizes many incredible features on the smartphone.

What’s not so great

As per reports, Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE will only be available in Korea. In fact, the U.S and European customers of Samsung are also waiting for a HD version of Galaxy S II. In the U.S, there is already an LTE version of Galaxy S II on Verizon Wireless. An HD version of GS II is largely anticipated in several parts of the world.

Things to watch out for

The new HD LTE version of Galaxy S II is actually built on the same platform of Galaxy S II, one of the world’s thinnest and fastest smartphones. And so, it seems to be not a separate smartphone; most of the tech specs and features of Galaxy S II HD LTE are identical with the market-hit Galaxy S II.


Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the best smartphones the world has ever seen. Within months after its official release, Samsung could ship more than 10 million units of the smartphone. It points out into the popularity of the gadget. An advanced HD LTE version for the smartphone will make it a real star in stores. It will raise severe challenge to its major competitors like iPhone 4S in markets it is available for grabs.

Word around the web

Listen to what the International Business Times says of the upcoming HD LTE version of Galaxy S II,

Facing strong competition from Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 (read iPhone 4S), Samsung hopes to get a competitive edge using the USP of an appreciably higher processing speed. In the fourth-generation Long Term Evolution network, the Internet speed will be five to 10 times faster than on 3G wireless networks.

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