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Why I can download ringtones in my lg chocolate phone?

I have bought this phone. This is fully touch phone. You can download lots of apps in this phone. Last night I have installed a free ringtone app in my phone, from where I can download lots of ringtones for free. But whenever I try to download ringtone fr

How to store default AT&T ring tones?

I have upgraded my AT&T phone to .185 and in this process I have lost all the default AT&T ring tones that come on my AT&T bold. I have tried it by backup, I took prior to upgrading and the profiles database is grayed out. So can anyone give me some ideas

Why I am not able to watch Jeff hardy videos on YouTube?

I am using internet in my laptop via American broadband. Everything is working superb. But I don’t know why I am not able to watch Jeff hardy videos on YouTube. Whenever I play any other video then it is working well but only Jeff hardy videos on YouTub

How to send free songs for your phone without a cord?

I am using Samsung r450 phone and I am wondering that is there any way by which I can get free songs for my phone from my pc. I don’t have Bluetooth in this phone. So tell me how can I transfer my free songs of Pc in my phone?

What is the file format of free mobile videos?

I want to download lots of my favorite videos in my phone. But my phone is only 3gp compatible. So the videos I want to download in my phone should be in 3gp format. So can anyone tell me that what is the file format of free mobile videos?

Why the lg ringtones is not working i9n my lg cookies phone?

I have just bought this lg cookies phone and there are so many default ringtones in this phone. But in my phone the lg ringtones are not working. Only some ringtones present in my SD card is working. Please tell me how can I set lg ringtones in my phone?


Please help me is someone knows where I can find free ring tones for the Motorola boost mobile i290 ultra-thin phone. Someone told me that there are websites where you can download ringtones for free or very cheaply and that they have a better selection t

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