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QKFone WF820 is the ugliest wrist phone you’ll ever see

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You know how smalltime cellphone manufacturers have been trying so desperately for years to make wrist phones THE thing to have? Well, we now know why the endeavor never quite made it as a mainstream communication device. Check out the QKFone WF820, and ask yourself- is this the ugliest wrist phone in the history of the world? I day hell yeah! And for good reason too. I mean you just cannot expect people to walk around in public with something that looks like a cheap imitation of an arm restraint smuggled out from a maximum security prison. With cool apps like GPRS, FM radio, 1.3″ TFT screen and Bluetooth on board, you’d think the manufacturers would at least have thought of throwing in some good quality plastic to make this thing look half decent but since they didn’t, we’re just wondering if it wouldn’t be worthwhile to have you’re mom’s archaic giant satellite phone from the 90s strapped to your wrist instead!

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Source: Mobile Mentalism

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