Pros and Cons of Airpods: Are They Really Worth Their Price?

Pros and Cons of Airpods

Airpods are one of the most popular products on the tech market today, designed by Apple to accompany their devices. Airpods are wireless earbuds designed to connect to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac via Bluetooth technology. Although they are marketed for Apple users to upgrade their existing wired headphones that come with the purchase of most Apple devices, Airpods can connect to any Bluetooth-capable device. With a price tag of $150-300, many people wonder if these earbuds are worth it. If you’re considering splurging on a pair of AirPods this year, here are some pros and cons to consider. 


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·        Simplicity

One major annoyance that wired headphone users experience often is the tangling of wires that make connected headphones to their device unnecessarily complicated. A huge advantage of Bluetooth headphones of any kind is that their wire-free design eliminates the possibility of tangling.

Airpods, in particular, are designed to instantly connect to a recognized device once the earbuds’ case is opened, adding extra functionality and user-friendliness.

The fact that Airpods are so small and wire-free is a huge benefit, meaning that virtually anyone performing any task can wear AirPods fairly inconspicuously. Whether you’re a physician performing a procedure at ThriveMD or a student sitting in a classroom, Airpods allow you to listen to music or podcasts while going about your day.

·        Comfort

Those who prefer in-ear buds as opposed to large, over-the-ear headphones are likely to agree that earbuds can be uncomfortable (or even painful), especially when worn for an extended period of time. Not to mention users with smaller ears find that earbudscan easily slip out, and have to worry about constantly adjusting them. Airpods are designed with comfort in mind, and users report that they are much more comfortable than standard earbuds, especially Airpod pros which come with a comfortable silicone insert. Airpods are also designed to stay in place for long periods of time, with users finding they rarely need to be adjusted in order to stay in place.

·        Audio Quality

Experts agree that Airpods offer extremely high sound quality that cannot be found in other small, earbud-style headphones on the market. Airpods offer the best audio quality available, especially when paired with another apple device.



·        Easy to Misplace

Since they are so small, Airpods are extremely easy to lose. Airpods are one of the most easily lost or stolen tech devices on the market. Due to their high price tag, losing Airpods can be a major inconvenience. If you are someone who misplaces things a lot, these tiny earbuds might not be for you.

·        Not Noise-Canceling

Although AirPods provide extremely high-quality audio, they are not fully noise-canceling in comparison to their competitors. If you are looking for fully noise-canceling earbuds that block out noises around you, another option might be better. 

·        Price

One of the biggest factors in consumers being hesitant to purchase Airpods is their high price tag. Retailing for upwards of $150, Airpods are some of the most expensive earbuds on the market. Unless you’re serious about high-quality audio and conveniently listening to music on the go, Airpods might not be worth the splurge.

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