NVIDIA’s GoForce Technology To Power DVB-H Mobile TVs

goforceNow, different mobile operators will use the NVIDIA GoForce Handheld technology to watch TV on their handsets. NVIDIA has announced its GoForce handheld graphics processing units to power world’s first mobile TV.

The GoForce models include GoForce 5500, 4800, 4000 and 2150 out of which the GoForce 5500 gives a resolution of 1024×768 on your cellphone display along with an enthralling 10-megapixel camera support.

The first cell phones with Mobile TV and NVIDIA GoForce chips are the Samsung P910 and P920. Other giants including Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG and Kyocera will allows use the use NVIDIA GoForce technology.

Via: laptoplogic

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