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Nokia Sun with 3.7-inch AMOLED, 8MP camera and 1.4GHz processor, first impression

Nokia SunFirst look:

At first look, no official announcement from Nokia has been released about its all-new Nokia Sun mobile phone. Yet, information from other sources has confirmed that new Nokia Sun cell phone will hit market as a new addition to Nokia Windows Smart Phone 7.5 Mango series. It is also informed that Nokia Sun will come with some more stunning features to fulfill present day demands from Nokia fans. This windows smart phone will rock market with its unique, sophisticated, and user-friendly functions. The phone is expected to come with an affordable price so that buyers can get “value for money”. This will be the fourth phone that is going to be unveiled under partnership between Microsoft and Nokia.

What’s new?

During the end of this year, at Nokia World event, Nokia Sun is expected to be released with some other mobile phones. All new Nokia Sun is likely to hit the market with 3.7-inch wide AMOLED super screen, powerful 8MP camera, and speedy 1.4GHz processor on board. Sticking with its typical style, Nokia will release this smart phone with some other phones also. Nokia Sun will bear a stylish plastic body, which will be of high-class material to provide more durability than before. However, the new and unique feature will be its micro SIM support on board. Micro SIM support feature will help mobile users to save more space within their phone memory for various works. On the other hand, 16GB memory is available with memory card slot with this mobile phone.

What’s been refreshed:

New Nokia Sun will provide user-friendly features for its customers to use as windows mobile. Nokia has a limited addition of windows support mobile phones and Nokia Sun will shine this series with its new look. Now with this mobile phone opening up documents like MS word, MS Excel and PowerPoint will be quite easy at their full-fledged format. Not only this, this smart phone is expected to work as a windows communicator also. People often have complaint on any mobile brand providing windows mobile phones with low battery back up. However, with Nokia Sun, fans will be expecting for a good battery back up because Nokia is already known for its ability to provide powerful battery back up.

Features walk-through

At a glance, following are the features that are expected to come with Nokia Sun mobile phone:

  1. 3.7-inch wide super AMOLED touch screen phone
  2. Windows mobile with 7.5 mango series phone
  3. Super fast 1.4 GHz smart processor on board
  4. Powerful 8MP camera phone
  5. Unique micro SIM card support for proper memory back up
  6. Expected long battery life
  7. 16 GB memory on card slot
  8. Premium quality polycarbonate made body with extra durability

What’s good?

This is at very good time Nokia is going to launch its windows mobile phones. This is because Nokia fans are a little bit disappointment with the announcement that Nokia is going to close its Nokia N9 mobile series. Nokia Sun will definitely shine at good time to surprise its fans to get a sophisticated and new generation windows mobile phone. Customers can expect many good things from Nokia Sun windows phone like stylish look, user-friendly and advanced features, latest touch pad technology, long life battery, and durability.

What’s not so good?

Though the unofficial news is buzzing ahead, people are not sure whether they will get value for money or not. Most people believe that Nokia is a brand name only now. In third world countries, Nokia is still holding market with its iron fist. Buyers are also worrying about the performance and battery back up with Nokia Sun, as there is no official announcement has been done yet. Its 3G browsing standard and HD video recording quality are doubtful, as Nokia has limited series of windows mobiles.

Price and availability

Unofficial sources have informed that new Nokia Sun windows mobile phone will be available in market by the end of this year 2011. Most probably, it is expected to come to the market in the mid week of November. Once released people will get a clear idea whether this new windows phone will fulfill their requirements or not. Still the price of Nokia Sun is likely to go above $350.


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From all the hearing made above, it sound pretty that Nokia will at least focus on their windows mobile phone series. Though the phone functionality and performance are doubtful, yet, it is expected to be quite user-friendly, as Nokia will try to capture the market for new generation windows mobile phones. Let us be positive with new Nokia Sun to get a big smile and surprise on our face.

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