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Nokia and Konami teaming up to N-Gage your attention

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Ok, so I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Konami have announced that they will be launching some of their bestselling titles in a mobile game version very soon. The bad news, however, is that this move has prompted Nokia to try and revive the lost cause of their doomed gaming platform, the erstwhile Nokia N-Gage. As elated as I am at the prospect of the delight of having finally gotten Metal Gear Solid in a ‘to-go’ version, all my delight is more than dampened by the fact that we might just have to bear that rather menacing handset in order to obtain the pleasure. The conflict in me is further heightened by the fact that I have a whole new generation of mobile gamers telling me how inconvenient the Nokia handset is. Anywho, I’m told that the new game is really going to kick some major butt with cool features like an in-game camouflage system that allows you to take color samples from the real world via images captured from the handset’s camera. Hmmm… maybe we really ought to give this new venture a quick try before we completely diss it!

Source: Slash Phone

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