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MS harps on Win cell phones; objective appraisal anyone?

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For all those lost in on Apple’s iPhone frenzy, here’s a reality check – Microsoft is still smug over the Windows Mobile Smartphones. This much can be gaged from an interview of Scott Rockfeld, group products manager for the mobile communications business at Microsoft. Last week he said that as many as 325 enterprises purchased at least 500 Windows Mobile phones last fiscal. As a matter of fact, MS sold close to 20 million Windows Mobile licenses in recent fiscal year. With the range of products including HTC Touch, Samsung BlackJack, and Motorola’s Moto Q, such a stat seems quite realistic indeed. It is the projected trade that might surprise several; despite iPhone 3G creating such a buzz, Rockfeld quotes IDC Corp.’s prediction that Windows Mobile will continue to outsell the iPhone 2:1 in the consumer market by 2012, and by 9:1 in the business market.

Rockfeld attributes such strong showing to the security and usability of the Win-based cell phones. Another clear reason is the lack of availability of consumer applications on iPhone. The latter could be corrected as 3G version of the phone starts making inroads. However, all said and done, both companies still trail behind BlackBerry, which continues the surge in business usage. Rockfeld also engaged in some criticism of one Mr. Steve Jobs and made up for a very interesting interview. Pitting the stats of Windows Mobile against the iPhone, which is of a much recent origin, seems a bit unfair to me. Only time will tell if this little pat on own back is justified.


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