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Modu mobile: Modu is for modular!


How many of you claim that you carry a different cell phone every day? Not very many I’m sure. It is precisely this inability of ours that Modu mobile seeks to address. And if you still didn’t get it, Modu is a modular handset that can become anything you like.

The joyride starts with “modu jackets” – these accessories enable a user to completely change the look of handset every other day. Then there are “modu mates” – these basically mean a host of other gadgets that the handset conveniently docks into. Think car stereos, laptops, photo frames and so on.

Other companies seem to have bought the idea already. These include Blaupunkt, Universal Music and SanDisk. And yes, Modu is expected too hit shelves in Q4 this year itself and a host of “modu mates” will accompany the handset in all likelihood. More specs later.

Still incredulous? Go watch the video.


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