MobileASL aims at eliminating text-based communication for deaf

mobile asl software 1

For those amongst us who are adapting to hearing aids can be a challenge however, you’ll catch on right away when you read about the MobileASL software aimed at normalizing the lives of people suffering from hearing impairments. MobileASL incorporates compressed video signals, increased image quality around the face and hands, and motion detection to make it a better option than other mobile video conferencing services. The software allows to minimize the difficulty with oral communication or face-to-face communication by eliminating text-based communication like e-mail or SMS. The software uses at least 10-times less bandwidth than other video conferencing mobile phone apps like Face Time, thereby maximizing battery life. The software seems to be targeting smartphones having front facing video cameras like the iPhone 4. The innovation really seems as if the ongoing research to make life easier for the hard of hearing has attained a comfortable melody.

Via: Gizmodo

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